Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
karoo::argtupleThis structure is used by the command-line argument parser
karoo::datagram_clientThis class allows you to send a datagram
karoo::datagram_messageThis class represents a datagram message (received, or to send)
karoo::datagram_message_factoryThis factory is used by the datagram_server to create a datagram message suitable for receiving an incoming message
karoo::datagram_serverThis class allows you to receive datagrams
karoo::datagram_statusThis class is really just a thread-safe wrapper for enum datagram_status_enum
karoo::exepoolAn exepool is a convenient way to run things asynchronously in a number of threads
karoo::exequeAn exeque is a convenient way to manage things that need to be run in a single thread
karoo::passThis class implements a read/write mutex, which allows multiple reads, but but only one write, and also, no reads during write
karoo::referableAny classes which may be auto-garbage collected, must inherit this class
karoo::rockA rock is the base class for an application in the karoo project
karoo::rock_dataThis class is used for serialising data to/from an array of bytes
karoo::rock_datagram_factoryThis class is used for creating datagram_message objects
karoo::rock_datagram_messageThis implements the datagram_message class for the rock system
karoo::rock_datagram_message_handlerThe rock system allows you to create an array of message handlers, using the rock::addHandler() method
karoo::rock_datagram_replyThis class is an executable class that is run when an ACK message is received for a previously sent message
karoo::rock_exception_ioThis exception class is used as a base class for any sort of IO exception that occurs during messaging between rock objects
karoo::rock_exception_readThis type of exception is thrown when there is an error while reading a rock message
karoo::stream_bufferThis class implements an efficient buffer for reading data that comes in on a socket and for reading it (parsing it)
karoo::synchronised< T >This templated class is for creating race-condition-safe variables
karoo::textThis class implements thread-safe, memory efficient text strings
karoo::text::text::cloneaThis class is a convenience class for containing a small block of memory which is a clone of the text string in a text object
karoo::uuidThis class implements a name-based UUID, which produces a unique 128bit ID for a URL (the UUID is always the same for a given URL); or it can create a time-based UUID

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