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Zwartberg Research & Development and OSSC

Open Source Software Consulting is a Closed Corporation with just a handful of employees. It trades as "Zwartberg Research & Development", which is a registered trademark. The logo for the trademark was first created for the Zwartberg Runners logo. (Zwartberg Runners is an organisation registered with the Western Province Athletics Association, and the members of the club are 99% Prince Albert residents.) Zwartberg Runners was started by Terry Barnato and Janet Modra, but is now managed by a comittee of running club members in Prince Albert. We like the logo, and everything that the club "stands for" so much, that we decided to use almost the same logo for the software development business. While "Open Source Software Consulting" is a good enough name for a CC, its a bit lifeless. "Zwartberg Research & Development" is a good trading name because this business is a community effort (like the running club in that sense), and its located at the base of the Swartberg Pass.

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