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In the early days of The Karoo Project, we were looking around for somewhere to host the server, and it was not possible without having at least a virtual dedicated server. We realised that other people probably have the same difficulty in finding a place to host their services, without the expense of renting and managing a dedicated server.

Our hosting service is to address these needs.

The same features are provided the same for our standard hosting options, but we also offer management of a "Karoo Project" based dedicated server, which also supports SSL. Standard service features:

  • A dedicated Postgresql database
  • The Karoo Project (of course) - rather than php, cgi, etc... Fully managed, with debugging support over the phone. You can also ask about our software design service - where we design and code your web application for you.
  • File system space
  • Internet data bandwidth
  • 1 Free domain registration
  • Up to 10 email addresses: forwarded or pop3 or Imap.
  • Support by email, less than 24 hour response time
  • Phone support Monday to Friday, daylight hours in South Africa, excluding South African public holidays *
  • sql access via secure ssh tunnel.
  • scp access for file transfer
  • 4x rotating weekly backups of files and database.
  • System and database administration service (fully managed system)
  • Firewall protection
  • UPS and generator backup
Basic service
Service Features Monthly charge:

This service is intended as an entry level for companies and individuals to test the Karoo Project system with minimum investment.

  • 2GB file system space (includes the database),
  • 2GB data transferred over the internet per month.
R 550.00

This service is intended for small commercial web services.

  • 5GB file system space (includes the database space),
  • 5GB data transfer per month.
R 1350.00

The standard services have a set monthy charge, which includes your database size, file system size, and data transfer, in the fee. If you go over the limits, then you start to pay extra.

The extra charge for data transferred over the internet is:
R 50 per GB for data transferred over the limit in a month.

The extra charge for file system and database space is:
R 300 per GB for file system (including database) size over the limit each month.

Note that the file and database size is effectively much larger than it seems. E.g. 2GB for the "Quartz" plus 8GB of rotating backup space, is effectively 10GB.

Comprehensive service, with dedicated servers
Service Features Monthly charge:

This service is intended for comprehensive web services. Your system can be medium sized to huge. If you need more capacity, just rent more servers.

  • CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • 250GB RAID1 file system shared by database and files.
  • 10GB data transfer per month.
  • SSL support (not including a certificate - you can supply it, or at extra cost, we can arrange it for you)
  • Your service will be running on a dedicated and fully managed server. Rotating backup files and OS files will be stored on the same RAID1 disk system.
  • A normal LINUX login account (not root) with access to all (non priveleged) LINUX OS commands.
R 5150.00
Diamond Server set up to your specifications. For example: support for offsite WAL database incremental backup. POA

The comprehensive services have a set monthy charge, which includes your data transfer in the fee. If you go over the data transfer limit, then you start to pay extra.

The extra charge for data transferred over the internet is:
R 40 per GB for data transferred over the limit in a month.

The dedicated servers have a fixed file system size. If you need more space, then you need to purchase another dedicated server, or a larger server. The disks configuration and CPU size of the "Diamond" service is negotiable.

No contracts. No setup fee. There are no obligations on either party, assumed or otherwise, after termination of the service.

Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice. (E.g. due to exchange rate fluctuations.) We will agree on a price individually with each client, and will tailor the service to suit each client's needs.

More comprehensive hosting is available on request. Hosting the servers outside of South Africa is also available.

The Karoo Project is free software, and its fairly well documented here on these web pages. You can of course design your own system and host it elsewhere, we encourage you to do that, but it would be good to hear from you, especially if you have some improvements to add to the project.

Consulting Service

We are also available to provide a consulting/design and or management service for The Karoo Project or related work. The consulting service can be negotiated, depending on the complexity of the web service you are creating. Our consulting rates range from R 300 to R 450 per hour, depending on the type of work.

See the following page for more information about our consulting engineer, Brian Modra.

* "Daylight hours in South Africa" roughly means:

  • USA, from midnight until midday.
  • UK & Western Europe: business hours.
  • Australia: Late afternoon till the early hours.

(Please check the time in SA before calling.)


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Large services (like an internet banking system for example), which can grow and grow and grow, to absorb the load as time goes on... and which don't suffer so much from unexplained periods of being offline, or "freezing up".

The Karoo Project

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