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The Karoo Project

This is Zwartberg Research & Development's main project: The Karoo Project. Its a system based on a very scalable infrastructure, so that it can grow as your business grows. Initially, our focus was in the infrastructure, but lately (due to demand), a web front end.

The web browser is a pretty handy tool for making user interfaces. Its automatically "cross platform", because everyone has a browser, and it means that the guys who are good at making things look good (Graphic Designers) can create your user interface, without being too distracted by Computer Science issues.

The Karoo Project makes it practical to create large services (like an internet banking system for example), which can grow and grow and grow, to absorb the load as time goes on... and which don't suffer so much from unexplained periods of being offline, or "freezing up".

The Karoo Project

The Karoo Project also contains a widget set for the web browser, and a client/server interface to the services side of The Karoo Project.

The Karoo project is free open source. You can download the source code here, and read the documentation here. There is no charge, because we make our money from our services: we consult to write software, and we can host your web application.

The Karoo GPS tracker

GPS tracker

This tracking device will be economical to run using Satellite communication. Usually satellite communication, (as opposed to GSM GPRS cellular communication), is extremely expensive. This unit gets around that by doing a lot of pre-processing and compression before sending data. read more about this here.


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