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Currently there are two main projects we are working on:

GPS tracker

INTRODUCTION to The Karoo Project

The Karoo Project

The Karoo Project makes it possible to create large services (like an internet banking system for example), which can grow and grow and grow, to absorb the load as time goes on... and which don't suffer so much from unexplained periods of being offline, or "freezing up".

This project uses a practical application of "Distributed Computing" principles... but rather than beat the computer science drum:  many separate computer programs, kept running and communicating so closely with each other, that they seem like one application.

As in the old saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket"... The "traditional" approach of using one large program has problems:
--> one little bug will stop everything.
--> When a program is doing lots at once (massively multi-threaded), then unexplained bugs will surface (race conditions and deadlocks).
--> CPUs, RAM, Hard disks etc are limited, eventually, the program will hit the limit.

So... it makes sense to split an application up into lots of components, then run them all as separate programs... and allow them to run across a number of machines. The Karoo Project allows them to pass information between each other, and it provides a task manager.

See this overview of The Karoo Project.

This project makes it practical to achieve all this "magic", uncomplicatedly, efficiently, and cheaply.


More details on "The Karoo System"

Web GUI front end widgets

Database web "Surf" system

PostgreSQL and The Karoo Project

Why/What "Open Source"
What's different about this to other "Supercomputing" projects?
Unexpected Benefits!
Documentation about the Karoo Project.


The "Karoo" is a semi-desert area in South Africa, where Zwartberg R&D is based. The Swartberg run through the Karoo right on our back doorstep in Prince Albert. The Dutch spelling of "Zwartberg", rather than with an "S", is the correct way to spell the company name. If you are a English speaker, then the natural way you'd read the word "Swartberg" is a fine way to pronounce it. Swartberg simply means "Black Mountain".

See BLOG entry on GPS.

For a simple explanation of Open Source and Supercomputing, see "Straight Talk".

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