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Barry's camp site

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This camp site is about 11km from the luxury chalets, accessable via a 4WD track. Quad bikes are available for hire for guests, so its a breeze to get up to the top of the mountain. Once there (and indeed on the way) the view is wonderful.

This is some of the most beautiful country in the Karoo. Waterfalls, natural slippery dips (moss covered smooth rock into crystal clear swimming holes), and breathtaking mountain views in all directions.

The camp site (which includes an amenities block with hot water), is a great base for the hiking trails into the mountains. Elevation is 1000m.

Google Maps (to the right) shows the camp site centered in the window.

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Natural slide Camp Site

There are a number of hiking trails, and along the way, you can find great spots for a bit of a rest and some fun, for example the natural slippery dip.

The camp is at 1000m, and the view from the camp site in the morning is great, but from just a little further up, there are mountains in all directions. See the amenities block in the centre of the picture just behind the tractor.

Hiking Trails

Maybe I'm biased, but the atmosphere in this part of the world - not just the scenery, but the whole experience, is the best in the world.

Even during the heat of summer, its cool at night. Sleep out under the stars, and wake up under a blue sky... wander over to the braai area and start a kettle boiling, take the morning slowly...

... then perhaps take a short hike to one of the swimming holes, or to a slightly higher vantage point to take in the view. Or just lounge back in a comfortable chair under the shade of a bush and read a book.

This camp site is well suited to all ages, from hardened hikers, to families with young children. It has the luxury of an amenities block, a very nicely constructed braai, and soft grass for pitching tents.

This page was made as a favour for Barry Meijer, by Zwartberg Research & Development, after he treated us to a few days at his camp site as guests.