Web Applications

Zwartberg Research & Development does not design web sites, but our applications sometimes have a web front end. In other words, a web site that communicate with a server, with forms, login, or an entire back-end database application.

We are well aware of all the design issues involved in web applications and the back-end servers. We have 20+ years experience in the industry.

Following are some examples of our work:

example 1 example 3 example 4

Some issues with web design that we consider important:

  • it must fit nicely in the browser when the browser is resized... try it on this page,
    notice how the text will wrap around the circle at the top right,
  • it must be quick to load, even over slow connections, yet still have pictures to grab your customers' attention,
  • your style, and brand, must come across uniquely, and attractively, and
  • it must be concise and to the point.
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